Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tea Party

I recently visited with 2 of my chilhood best friends (and fellow citizens of the planet UHHH), Corie and Leslie. While we where hanging out and catching up on our lives as seniors in college we started to reminisce about all the fun times we used to have in the cul-de-sac in Chesapeake where we spent most of our time in elementary school. During the course of the conversation we were talking about our most vivid memories of each other. Leslie mentioned that her most vivid memory of me was on the way home from a very infamous tea party. After re-hashing the story together I was immediately embarrassed and then I thought, "hey, I should write a blog about this!" So here it goes:

We were in 3rd grade and our favorite thing to do was to put on dress up clothes and pretend we were all sisters in college and all dating various members of N*Sync, Backtreet Boys, and 98 degrees. (side note- None of us went to college together, we did not end up as sisters, and we are not dating any members of boy bands. I sometimes still wish all those things were true though.) Corie had the best dress up clothes because she took dance lessons. After her recitals we got to wear her cool dresses and sparkly costumes. For some reason I thought that if I was wearing a sequened tutu Justin Timberlake would find me irresistable.

Corie thought it would be fun for us to have a real tea party and wear the dress up dresses so we would look like princesses. So, the tea party was planned. I had never had real tea, but I heard there were going to be sugar cubes and that was all I needed to know to be excited about it. Unfortunately, the week of the party I got sick. On the day of the party I was feeling better and Mom said I could go if I was sure I felt well enough. I took one look at the beautiful princess dress and decided that I was definitely feeling well enough. In the back of my mind though, I knew that I was still sick.

The tea party was really fun! I was not a fan of hot tea, but as I had anticipated, sugar cubes and the little cookies and cakes were delicious. We all really felt like princesses. Things went a little down hill on the ride home. Corie's mom was driving the van with all of us in it. I was sitting on the middle seat with Leslie and Chad. All of a sudden I felt very sick. It must have been a combination of already being sick and eating about a dozen sugar cubes. In a shy little voice I tried to tell Mrs. Fink that I thought I was going to be sick. However, I said it too late. I turned to tell Leslie and suddenly threw up all over her and me. We were almost home so there was nothing either of us could really do about it. When we got home my mom put me in the bathtub and then had to go clean out our neighbor's van. I felt so bad for throwing up on Leslie. I felt even worse for throwing up on the princess dress. I thought Corie would never share her beautiful dress up clothes with me again-- but of course, she did.

Corie, Leslie, and I have so many memories together. We went to camp, the beach, FunScape, and on many other adventures together. Even still, it turns out that the most memorable thing I did was puke in a princess dress.