Monday, October 25, 2010

A Little Gem

I was recently home for Fall Break and I stumbled upon my 5th grade poetry journal.

I like to look at the cute pig
even though he's very big

I have a pet that's a dog
one day she ate a frog

I know a girl her name is Sally
but she moved and I met a girl names Ally

I saw a really pretty rug
but when I looked closely I saw a little bug

Animal Stable
One time I visited a stable
I met a pig
her name was Mable
She was very big

She loved to roll in the mud
Then she wasn't very pink
There was another pig who was her bud
When I looked at her she gave me a wink

I moved on and saw a cow
His fence was made of wood
I got a splinter and said "OW!"
It started to rain so I put up my hood

Next I looked at a hen
They were playing with a rooster
They are men
He tried to reach a high spot but needed a booster

Into the house walked Sally
We were playing a game and the score we had to tally
We were running races and we had to go far
Until someone ran into a car

Into the house came Sarah
For dinner she was having cheese sticks in marinara
The sauce was very red
and after dinner she went to bed

One day the sun was very bright
I said to myself I think I might
Go outside and play
since it is such a nice day
When I got out I flew my kite

Free Verse:
On Saturday morning
I like to sleep late
then I eat a big breakfast
I like homemade waffles best
Muffins are good too
I watch TV
Then I go get dressed
I look to see who is outside
Then I go out
and play too!

Why Do Dogs Bark?
Why do dogs bark
at cars passing
at people walking
at anything that moves?
They open their mouths
and just let it out
Sometimes dogs
bark at burgalurs
and that is very helpful.
Why do dogs bark?

As a little baby my mom carried me everywhere
she probably even carried me to the mall
because one day trying to walk
I ran right into the wall.

When I was five we moved
to a place called Chesapeake
soon after we moved we got a pool
but then it got a leak

Now I live in Richmond
it's an Ok place to be
that is the story of my life,
that is the story of me.

My name is Caroline I am a girl
my hair is straight it does not swirl.

I wear my hair in a pony tail
And to my friends I sent email

Some say I act like a clown
My eyes are a very dark brown

I like to be out in the sun
I play all day and have some fun

My favorite number is always three
My friend taught me to climb a tree

Some people think I am a fool,
But I think I am kinda cool.

Lai Verse:
Who is that I hear?
I don't think you're near
To here.

Lying in the dark
I hear a dog bark
It's you

You're my faithful pal
I will call you Tal
Come here.

in mud
live on farms
they eat gross slop

it is green
you walk on it

they fly
in the sky
skinny bird feet

I think there are a few observations to be made about my 5th grade poetry. 1- I am not an artist, but I did think that I was good at drawing dogs (I was wrong). 2- The only words I could really rhyme with are pig, big, bark, dark, fun, and sun. 3- I wrote about dogs a lot. 4- My obsession with pigs was evident in my poetry. Also, I think you should know that I got an A on my poetry journal! This leads me to believe that elementary schools should have higher standards.

PS I don't know why those pictures are sideways and I don't know how to fix them. sorry!

Monday, October 11, 2010

So Many Rodents...

Most kids have a pet hamster or two, it's pretty normal. Growing up we went through 2 hamsters, 4 guinea pigs, 1 ferret, and approximately 1,000,000 gerbils...well I guess it was more like 100, but still.
Our first guinea pig was named Squeaky, she squeaked a lot. One night we had a baby sitter staying with us and we were all out swimming in the pool. Suddenly, the unexpected happened: Squeaky stopped squeaking. We slowly realized that we did not hear our beloved pet chattering away from the kitchen. We ran inside but it was too late. Squeaky was a goner. We soon replaced Squeaky with Piggy (we were pretty creative with the names.) I honestly don't remember how Piggy died, so we can move on to Piglet. Piglet was a very cute little guinea pig and my 2nd grade heart really loved her. I always fed her so many alfalfa cubes. Piglet started to get sick so we took her to the vet (which Mom thinks is a waste of money for rodents). The vet told us that Piglets teeth were too long and she couldn't close her mouth. So we had Piglet's teeth filed down to solve the problem. Unfortunately, Piglet's teeth apparently grew at a very rapid pace because weeks later she was sick again. Mom refused to take her back to the vet. Dad held little Piglet a few weeks later while she died because she could eat or drink because she couldn't close her mouth. What a weird and sad way to die. My favorite guinea pig by far was Max. We was red and white and just so wonderful. Max's death was even weirder than Piglet's. We had him outside one summer day while we were cleaning the bathroom. It got really hot outside and he was out there for a few hours. Basically his innerds got fried in the sun. I cried a lot. That was the end of our guinea pig adventures.

Then there were the 2 hamsters; Whiskers and Peanut. Whiskers belonged to Dennis and Peanut was mine. These were very smart hamsters. They would always get out of their cages. We were smart too though. We discovered that whenever they got out of the cage they went always hid behind the dryer. I think it must have been nice and warm back there. So whenever we got home and they were missing, which happened pretty darn often, we just reached behind the dryer and put them back in their cages. I think Peanut should have been named Mike Tyson because one day we were playing with our hamsters and Peanut bit Whisker's ear off. Dennis was very mad at me, I had no control over my hamster. They were very resilient little guys though. We would even put them on the trampoline some times and bounce them around. They died of natural causes at the ripe old age of 4 which is very old for a hamster.

Next was the Ferret, Peppy. One day Dad went for a jog in the neighborhood and he spotted a sign that said "Free Ferret to a Good Home." That very same day we had a new pet. Peppy was crazy. We would let her out of the cage sometimes and she would run around the house. Whenever she came into the room I was in she would trap me in the corner and bite my ankles. I was terrified of that tiny little monster. Peppy didn't last long. She was quite the biter. We gave her away free to another good home. Thank goodness.

The last of the rodent adventures was the gerbils. I will make this as short as I can. We got two gerbils. The pet store dude said they were the same sex so they would not make babies. He must have failed gerbil anatomy class because we definitely had babies. I mean there were so many gerbil babies. For a while we would take them back to the pet store for them to sell, but then they couldn't take anymore. So we were stuck. Eventually we ran out of cages and we didn't know what to do. They were multiplying fast. We even had mutant gerbils because of all the incest. Some had no legs or tails, some were albino; we had come to a breaking point. Mom made the executive decision to get rid of them. So we dumped them out into our backyard and dumped out the rest of their food with them. There was an owl in the neighborhood so we figured we were just helping out the food chain. A few years later we were moving so someone had to come inspect our house before we put it on the market. He went under the house and came back with some interesting news. There was something bigger than a mouse but smaller than a rat living under the house. Gerbils. The had formed a colony under our house. We had them exterminated once and for all.

There is a Craft family rule now: no more rodents in the house. They were super fun to play with when we were little though. Even the gerbils were fun for a while. I guess the old cliche is true: you can have too much of a good thing. We had so much goodness we had to call a professional to come exterminate it.

Lake Gaston Vacation

I have mentioned in past posts that the Craft family did not always go on the most luxurious and exciting vacations. This was the case with our Lake Gaston vacation. Now, don't get me wrong, we all love Lake Gaston, NC. It's just that at least Sarah Margaret and I already spent a week there every summer at camp, so we did not have that anticipation that generally comes before a week of vacation.
We rented a little cabin on a creek called Pea Hill Creek. There is nothing in the surrounding area of Lake Gaston besides a few small towns with antique shops and BBQ houses. So we were fully aware that all our time was going to be spent in that little cabin or in the water. Upon arrival at the cabin we put the ski boat in the water and unloaded our bags. We went to the dock to check out the water and that is where we met our neighbor for the week, Junior. Junior had the most awesome looking wave runner and he promised to give us a ride! Vacation was looking up.
The first day on the water we discovered the perfect cove for tubing. Dad would fling us around and around in circles until our scramy little arms could hardly take it anymore. And then right when we thought we couldn't take anymore and the pain was greater than the fun that comes with tubing, he would steer the tube right into the middle of the cove where all the wake had been stirred up. We would all go flying. We named it Dead Man's Cove. The Crafts definitely frequented Dead Man's Cove that week.
One of the highlights of the week was a little companion we found to go tubing with us. Her name was Juniper the Junebug and yes, it was a real junebug. We caught it flying around the dock one day and just knew that the little beetle would love to hang out with us on the boat. So we stuck that poor bug in a compartment and velcroed the flap down. Juniper was stuck with us for the day. I like to think that she died of sheer joy and too much fun rather than drowning. I don't think Junebugs were meant for the water.
We tubed so much that week that our arms were rubbed raw and we were covered in bruises. Junior's wave runner didn't help the situation. He would just throw us off the back every time. That week I learned that I do not enjoy activities that just hurt. Dennis and Sarah Margaret would fly off the wave runner all day and zoom around Dead Man's Cove. I did these things a few times, but I prefered to just hang out and swim by the dock. It was a classic youngest child thing to do.
We didn't think it would be a great vacation, but it turned out great. We mayb have ended up with some scrapes and bruises, but at least we were better off than Juniper.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quick Memory

I just remembered this so I thought I would share it really quickly.

Whenever we were hungry we used to say, "I'm hungry as a mungry!"
I still am not sure what a mungry is, but it's a catchy phrase.