Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's the Poop Again!

With a logo like that you know that the Doggie Dooley has to be a good product. They claim to be "The original pet waste toilet." So basically you dig a hole in the ground and place the Doggie Dooley in it. Then when you scoop poop from your yard you put the dog poop into the Doggie Dooley and it is supposed to decompose and replenish the soil in your yard. This is a great concept. The only problem is that it takes forever for all the poop to get back into the soil and in the mean time you have a stinky toilet in your yard. Also, when you have more than one dog, which we did, your Doggie Dooley fills up pretty quickly.
Nevertheless, when we lived in Roanoke Rapids Dad thought it would be a great idea to install the Doggie Dooley in our backyard.

One day my best friend Rebecca Watson was over to play. We were swinging in the back yard and just doing whatever little preschool girls do. We began to smell the Doggie Dooley and it was not a pleasant smell. We put on our problem solving caps and came up with a brilliant plan. We decided that the only way to get rid of the smell would be to get rid of the poop. It was fall, so we gathered leaves from the yard, ventured over to the Doggie Dooley, and hesitantly opened it. We were greeted with a giant pile of crap. It was gross. We had definitely found the source of the stench. So we put the plan into action. First all the leaves we collected were thrown on top of the poop. We made sure to add plenty of layers. Then the idea was to stomp on the poop pile until it had all gone out the hole in the bottom of the Doggie Dooley and back into the soil like it was supposed to. Unfortunately the leaves did not create quite the barrier between our feet and the poop that we had hoped they would. We proceeded to jump into the Doggie Dooley. Before we knew it we were ankle deep in dog poop.

Our plan was a failure, the yard still smelled like poop, and I ruined my favorite pink Keds. Bummer.